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We hope you had a great time today at Dallas ISD STEM Expo 2020!

We value your participation and continued passion for all things STEM! If you haven't already, please explore and enjoy all the educational booths the Expo has to offer.

On behalf of DISD's STEM department and Mad Science of DFW, thank you for coming. Have a STEMtastic day!

Mad science booth at a trade show with people around looking at the experiments

Fun-damental Forces

Gravity... Inertia... Centripetal force

Gravity is the force that keeps us “attached” to the Earth.
Force is a push or pull. Gravity is the force that pulls us down and keeps us on the ground. Centripetal force makes objects move in a circle. Inertia is what makes an object keep moving or stay still unless a force acts on it. Heavier objects have more inertia and therefore need more force to move or stop. An object balances over its center of gravity.