About 3D Printing-Charm with Initials

We hope you had a great time today at Dallas ISD STEM Expo 2020!

We value your participation and continued passion for all things STEM! If you haven't already, please explore and enjoy all the educational booths the Expo has to offer.

On behalf of DISD's STEM department and Mad Science of DFW, thank you for coming. Have a STEMtastic day!

Mad science booth at a trade show with people around looking at the experiments

3D Printing Advanced Station

Build objects using 3D Printing techniques

Learn how 3D printing technology works. What is ‘additive process’ and how is it different from ‘subtractive’ process for creating an object? How does 3D printing change how things can be manufactured? Inquire how a 3D printing pen mimics the print-head of a 3D object printer. Inquire about the types of filaments used in 3D printing of objects. Create your own 3D printed object using 3D pens. What are the differences between ‘3D printing’ this object compared to how it has been created in the past? Discuss your questions with your coach.