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There are two ways for you to request a Mad Science Event:

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Slime: Slippery, gooey fun with polymers! Transform two regular liquids into an oozing batch of your very own slime to take home. Scientific Principles: Polymer Science, States of Matter, Chemical Reactions

Hovercraft: Air pressure has never been so much fun! Ride across the floor on a real Hovercraft that travels on a cushion of air. Scientific Principles: Air Pressure, Aerodynamics, Forces

Cotton Candy: The three states of matter have never been sweeter! See how heat can change plain old sugar into a tasty treat. Scientific Principles: Heat, Expansion, States of Matter

Awesome Airplanes: Do you know how airplanes fly? Find out with Bernoulli’s Principal and by making your very own Mad Science Football Plane! (Dipper Doo II stunt planes or Mad Science Skyhawks can be included.) Scientific Principles: Air Pressure, Aerodynamics, Forces

Dry Ice: Bubbling potions, dry ice in a glove, spooky effects and best of all – a Dry Ice Bubble Shower! Scientific Principles: States of Matter, Sublimation, Physical Reactions

Under Pressure Station: Experiment with air pressure using an “Airzooka”, float ping pong balls and make marshmallows grow before your very eyes. Scientific Principles: Air Pressure, Air Currents

Fun-damental Forces: Find out just how much fun physics can be with some of our favorite forces. Try our gyroscope bike wheel, coin vortex, tornado tubes, and more! Scientific Principles: Gravity, Inertia, Centripetal and Centrifugal Force, Precession

Marvelous Magnets: See an electromagnetic catapult, magnets in motion and a “magna” doodle. Is there a magnetic liquid? Yes, our ferrofluids with magnetic wands. Scientific Principles: Magnets

The Science of Sport: How does an ice/heat pack work? With endo and exothermic reactions. Find the “sweet spot” on a bat and discover why gravity and balance are important. Experiment with depth perception and find out how balls bounce. Scientific Principles: Chemical Reactions, Forces, Light

Optical Illusions: What you see is not always what you get. Find out why with a variety of cool optical illusions, a camera obscura, and periscopes. Scientific Principles: Optics, Light and Reflection

Watts Up: Discover how and why static electricity is such a shock! We’ll demonstrate with Plasma Balls, Static Tubes, Circuit Boards and our VanDeGraff Generator. Scientific Principles: Electron Theory, Conductivity, Friction, Electricity


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